I’m Stefano Degli Esposti, an italian photographer.

I like to capture everything impress me, with a special attitude for abstractionism that satisfies my own creativity. My works are inner processes of what I feel when shooting according to my own vision of reality.

The reality is the raw material, my feeling is the process to obtain the finished product: how I imagine the real things are.

Color is one of the most important ingredient of my pictures. Nevertheless I use black and white on special occasions to emphasize aspects or make homogeneous series.

I like traveling and editing photo-stories about places and my emotions.

My works are divided in four sections:
Projects: single and multiple series basically focused on details, regardless the environment and the nature of subjects, often influenced by abstractionism.
Fine Art: fantasy works (single and series) obtained by manipulation in or out camera
People: single and serial street works focussed on people’s expressions captured by candid shots and rock stars on stage during concerts.
Photo-Stories: short tales about my journeys, my emotions expressed by words and pictures.

My pictures can be printed on any kind of material and size. Normally I prefer polycarbonate, dibond, canvas, 75 x 50 cm. large. Bigger size prints are also available due to the high definition of my images.

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