Chianti Wineyard – Tuscany


Agricultural sites often show aestetic features very similar to modern urban areas, looking like architectural works. The creation of abstract images from the observation of details of a land/hill or a skyscrapers cluster is the common aspect between apparently different environments. The more abstract the picture are, the more similar two or more different environments are.

Cultivated Field – Sicily


From 2022 ongoing



Agritecture takes origin from my former project Citypatterns, due to the study of details, influenced by abstractionism. Agritecture is a multi-series project because of the complexity of its elements: Environments, Regions, Seasonal changes. Agritecture is a just-born project, that will be developed stepwise during the next years. Therefore, its structure will be probably changed on the run, according to the deeper knowledge of sites, plants and cultivation methods.



Presentation at Vinci Municipality in August 2023

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